Electric Bass Lessons near Red Bank, Little Silver, Rumson, Fair Haven, Oceanport, Shrewsbury, Middletown, Tinton Falls and Lincroft

At the beginners level, standard 12 bar blues and rock n roll bass patterns will be introduced including how to use roots and fifths of chords, how to create walking bass lines and how to play over typical chord progressions.

At the intermediate level, you will learn the necessary technique, music theory and elementary note reading to enable you to play simple yet correct bass parts with the proper choice of notes along with the ability to play with a steady rhythm. As you progress to a more advanced level, we’ll teach you the phrasing and stylistic techniques necessary to play a wide variety of music involving finger, pick and slap style bass playing.

Your instructor will teach you about the history and styles of past and present day bass players from the rock, jazz, blues and classical areas. All of these musical areas will be covered and at the same time, you’ll be learning from the latest and/or greatest songs that you like.