Ukulele Lessons near Red Bank, Little Silver, Rumson, Fair Haven, Oceanport, Shrewsbury, Middletown, Tinton Falls and Lincroft

Ukulele lessons at The Musician’s Studio are available to all ages & levels for all styles of music.

Ukulele Lessons Red Bank Rumson Little Silver Shrewsbury Lincroft Middletown Monmouth County NJ

Our Ukulele lessons will give you a structured understanding about this wonderful little instrument which is growing in popularity across the United States because of its reasonable entry level cost, portable size and playing ease.

At the beginner level, we will teach you how to strum chords or “bunches of notes” played all at once. We will teach you how to read chord block diagrams which show what fingers to put on which strings. There are about ten basic chord shapes you will need to learn in order to play many simple popular songs. During this time, you will be strumming using mostly down strokes so you can create an underlying rhythm to accompany a voice or another instrument that may also be playing chords or a single note melody.

As you progress and are able to switch from chord to chord and keep a steady beat, we will introduce you to upstroke strumming which will be used to accent more syncopated rhythms using “upbeats”. When your chords and strumming patterns become more and more comfortable, you will be ready for single note melodies from Major, Minor and Pentatonic Scales. We’ll teach you the correct single note exercises and scales in order to develop the coordination necessary to play popular melodies. These will include “standard” tunes of yesterday and today.

At the more advanced level, you will be introduced more complicated, extended chord forms involving altered 7ths and 9th chords along with  advanced single note scales and modes when the time is right for you to learn them.