Voice / Singing Lessons near Red Bank, Little Silver, Rumson, Fair Haven, Oceanport, Shrewsbury, Middletown, Tinton Falls and Lincroft

No previous musical background is necessary to take singing lessons at The Musician’s Studio. Anyone who can carry a tune may derive great satisfaction from the experience of singing music. Lessons provide a stimulating way to practice vocal skills and improve musical and vocal skills.

Beginners are introduced to the basics of vocal technique. Care is taken to assure that pre-teens are not forced into adult sound before their vocal mechanism is mature. You’ll start out with an initial period of lesson warm-ups, which include breathing exercises, vocalization and some ear training. Individually tailored vocal exercises develop proper breathing, relaxation and control of the voice. You will perform songs that you would like to sing and specific comments are made by the teacher to help improve your overall performance. Aspects of style and interpretation are discussed.

For the student with previous voice instruction and/or performing experience, the approach is through basic and advanced methods of vocal technique and a deeper understanding of care and function of the voice. Increased emphasis is placed on performance and interpretation of songs.